The Pediatric Cardiology Society

of Greater New York

Mission Statement

The Pediatric Cardiology Society of Greater New York is dedicated to providing educational fora for caregivers in the New York metropolitan region who tend to patients of all ages with congenital heart defects as well as to fetuses, infants and children with other forms of heart disease. This educational mission is also directed toward the next generation of care providers including trainees in pediatric cardiology and pediatric cardiothoracic surgery.

The Society's mission is currently accomplished through three annual education programs:

  • The Janet Baldwin Lecture is held in the winter and focuses on the newest surgical and medical innovations relevant to the Society's mission.

  • The Dennison Young Symposium, co-sponsored with Montefiore Medical Center, is held in the spring and consists of three experts lecturing about different aspects of a topic of relevance to the Society's mission.

  • The Leonard Steinfeld Pediatric Cardiology Research Symposium is held in the spring with the objective of providing a forum for the viewing and discussion of research performed by the community of New York Pediatric Cardiologists.